West Des Moines, IA

Winter 2017 $1,000 Winner!

Congratulations to our Winter 2017 10-week challenge $1,000 winner, Kassi W! Check out these incredible results!!

-- Lost over 18 pounds
-- Lost 5.6% body fat
-- Lost 12 1/2 inches
-- 61 pushups in one minute (+ 39)
-- 39 situps in one minute (+20)
-- Cut 3:36 off her mile time

Wowzers! Kassi was here nearly every day during the challenge at 5am. That's not easy to do, especially with three kids and a full-time job.

Think you can't find time for you? Kassi found time for herself and made herself $1,000 richer!

We had a ton of great results from our 10-week challenge. It was really hard to choose just one winner. Congratulations to all of our 10-week challenge participants!!

 Kassi-Wessing-Before--Web  Kassi-Wessing--Web
*Individual results may vary


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