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Lock up your scale!

When students walk into our gyms we talk about goals. The number one goal is to lose weight. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard people say that they want to lose 20 pounds, 30 pounds or even 50 pounds in 10 weeks!

There are a ton of programs that focus on weight loss. Some are nutrition-based and some are fitness based and some are both. These programs may have some benefit, but I want to offer you a different perspective.

Often, when a person focuses on rapid weight loss, they put it back on quickly. Why is this? It’s because in order to lose weight rapidly you have to limit your caloric intake. You will start to lose muscle, which actually slows down your metabolism. Your body starts to move into survivor mode because it can’t depend on you for a consistent source of fuel. When you combine this with working out, you put your body into a crisis mode. You might start to see the weight drop off quickly, but with your slowing metabolism it won’t stay off unless you continue to decrease your caloric intake. That’s not realistic. We have to LIVE! Don’t focus on weight loss!

So now that I’ve told you what NOT to do, what SHOULD you do?

Focus on body composition and lifestyle changes!

Over the last 15 years Farrell’s has transformed well over 100,000 lives. It’s saved many lives and made others more productive and enjoyable. Why does it work so well?

It’s because we focus on your lifestyle and building your body the right way over the long haul.

Let’s break down each component of the program to understand what role it plays in your long-term success.

1)      Kickboxing. Kickboxing has been proven to be one of the most effective total body workouts. We engage the entire body whether we’re working on or off the bag. Our core is engaged the entire time we’re punching or kicking. We use high intensity interval training to bring up the heart rate, then rapidly decrease it. This has been proven to be a highly effective way to train.

2)      Strength Training. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. Add in strength training workouts that will burn even more calories because you’re using those muscles and you’ve turned your body into a fat burning machine. You can actually increase your metabolism by adding lean muscle mass.

3)      Nutrition. Fueling your body the right way is one of the most important things we can teach you. There is no such thing as the “Farrell’s diet.” We teach you to eat six small meals per day, equally timed. Start with a lean protein the size of your palm and a good carb the size of your fist, add some vegetables and at least 80 oz of water per day and you’ve got the formula for building lean muscle and burning fat. You should never be starving. If you’re starving, eat a little more at your meals. If you’re full when you’re supposed to eat, eat a little less next time. Just listen to your body. Many students are stunned when I tell them that they aren’t eating ENOUGH! We could spend hours on nutrition, so look for additional posts in the future.

4)      Coaching. People tend to struggle with accountability – both in and out of the gym. Our coaches have all been through the program and can relate to the challenges you may be facing. If you can’t quite get out of bed in the morning, know that you’ll be getting call/text/message very soon!

Our goal is to get your body to burn fat and build lean muscle. Your weight might even stay exactly the same; but if you burn fat, build muscle and lose inches you’re going to feel better, have more energy and fit into those clothes a little bit better (or have to buy a new wardrobe)!

So put that scale away. I’m serious. Many of you will try to sneak a peek at your weight. FIGHT THE URGE! Focus on living the healthy lifestyle that we teach you at Farrell’s and your body will regulate the weight on its own. Seriously, put that scale away.

Cheers to your health,


Josh Riessen


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